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Haruhara Haruko

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This woman first ran over Naota with her yellow vespa,hit him with a blue bass guitar,then performed CPR on him.She claims to be a First Class Space Police person or other,but Naota doesn't buy it.It appears the family cat is her boss or something...Anyway,she pretty much: gives Naota serious head injuries,steals a nurse's uniform,destroys the city,nearly destroys everybody,is pretty darn good at baseball(and gives everyone injuries while she's at it),likes her kuri extra spicy,is after the space pirate Atommisk(did i spell that right?),and loves Naota.

(SiLLhOuEttE) Mon, 27 Nov 2006 19:33:05 -0500

This bizzare young woman arrived in Takun's townhome one day, hit him in the head with a guitar, and gave him the kiss of life (tongue included), but thought he was just faking it when she realized he wasn't dead and called him a useless pervert before driving off on her vespa pnly to appear later at his home as his new house keeper after running over his dad as well. She spends most of her time teasing Takun by kissing him like he's her lover on occasion and flirting with her dad while behind her ditzy behavior laid the mind of an intergalatic terrorist who wanted to destroy every human mind by ironing out the wrinkles which symbolized their curiosity.

She actually seems to become attracted to the kid for real after Takun tells her he loves her and gives her a passionate kiss during the final episode.

(Sebok) Thu, 17 Mar 2005 00:16:55 -0500

This strange alien girl appears one day and hits Ta-kun (Naota) on the head with her blue bass guitar for performing perverted acts with Mamimi. Then to get closer to him, she moves in and becomes the housemaid! She tries to show Naota the world of sex and maturity, but by all of the symbolism, you can determine that he is still too young, hence the pickiness of drinks, food, and the fact that he's horrible at baseball. The story starts to unfold, and it turns out that she's just using him to get to Attimusk, her worst enemy. Only there's a catch- she's in love with him. She claims to be "First Class Space Patrol Officer!" but Naota doesn't believe her. The cat is apparently her comm link to the "Space Police Brotherhood," and, since Kanti is a Medical Mechanica robot, this suggests that the Space Police is at odds with Medical Mechanica somehow. Haruko is nineteen years old.

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