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Samejima Mamimi

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Mamimi is a pyromaniac.She cals her cat and part-time pet robot,Ta-kun.Which I think is pretty weird because she also calls Naota "Ta-kun" too.She's alright though...except for doing "stuff"(that i toatally won't name)with Naota.She smokes cigarettes and likes fire.She named the Medical Mechanica robot,"Canti".It's from her videogame "Fire Starter".In the game "Canti" is the winged god that your trying to impress so that he'll bestow a kiss upon you.Anyway,her and Naota had it goin' on until Naota realized he loved Haruko.

(SiLLhOuEttE) Mon, 27 Nov 2006 19:17:32 -0500

One of the most lovely animes characters.
Shes looks lonely and funny.
Besides she is Naota's bother's girlfriend, she has a crush on Ta-kun, who doesn't seem to feel the same (but he does), reason for calling her pets Ta-kun.
It's not sure if she has a home to come back to, but she is for sure a pyromaniac.
A very interesting and attractive person.

(Canti) Tue, 20 Apr 2004 09:15:55 -0400

Girlfriend to the brother of the main character Naota. Naota's brother has gone to America to play professional baseball, so Mamimi spends her time with Naota instead.

She enjoys photography, smoking, and playing with fire. She also enjoys doing 'stuff' with Naota.

(radical dreamer) Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:22:52 -0400

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