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Anime : Patlabor Movie 3

Patlabor Movie 3 Title Patlabor Movie 3
Japanese Title WX3 機動警察パトレイバー
Official Site -
Category Movie
Total Episodes 1   (1 x 100 mins)
Genres Action, Mecha, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2002
Release Date 2002-03-03
Broadcaster -
Studio Bandai Visual
Madhouse Production
US Distribution
User Rating 8.0/10.0 (13 reviews)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Patlabor WXIII

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A mysterious project, aimed at the destruction of Patlabor, is being carried out on the shores of Tokyo Bay.

Detectives Kusumi and Shinichiro go through a lot of trouble to investigate an incident at Jounan, where Shinichiro meets a university lecturer, Saeko. During their investigation, Kusumi and Shinichiro encounters "Monsters" at a reservist base that devours humans. Could these "Monsters" have anything to do with the assaults at Jounan?

Some "Monster" scales are left behind but the situation is changing. The police and defense forces are dragged in and before Shinichiro knew what was going on, Saeko turns up. A shocking truth is revealed: the self-defense force was manipulating things from the shadows.

Just when you think the situation can't get more complicated, a "Monster" once again lands on the shores of Tokyo Bay. For the sake of ending this miserable war, Inguramu is started up.

*** thanks to Kaworu S. for description and translation ***

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Author Yuki Masami (ゆうきまさみ)
Design Katoki Hajime (力トキ ハジメ), Takagi Hiroki (高木 弘樹), Watabe Takashi (渡部 隆)
Director Endo Takuji (遠藤 卓司), Takayama Fumihiko (高山文彦)
Music Kawai Kenji (川井憲次)
Script Tori Miki (とり・みき)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Goto Kiichinodescription  noimage
Obayashi Ryunosuke (大林隆之介)description  noimage
Hata Shinichironodescription  noimage
Hirata Hiroaki (平田広明)description  image
Kusumi Takeshinodescription  noimage
Watabiki Katsuhiko (綿引勝彦)nodescription  noimage
Misaki Saekonodescription  noimage
Tanaka Atsuko (田中敦子)description  image

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