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Anime : Sakura Wars OVA 5

Sakura Wars OVA 5 Title Sakura Wars OVA 5
Japanese Title サクラ大戦 ニューヨーク・紐育
Official Site
Category OVA
Total Episodes 6
Genres Comedy, Game, Mecha, Romance
Year Published 2007
Release Date 2007-04-04 ∼
Broadcaster -
Studio AIC (Anime International Company)
US Distribution
User Rating 5.0/10.0 (1 review)  (Statistic)
Updated Fri, 16 May 2008 10:05:42 +0000

Alternative titles
Sakura Taisen OVA 5
Sakura Taisen New York

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New York - The city of dreams and hope.

After finishing the battle with Nobunaga, Shinjiro is preparing for the next play, "Cleopatra" when a new enemy appears. Will the New York Kagekidan Hoshi Gumi be able to protect their city and raise the curtain on the new play at the same time?

This OVA fully depicts the growth of the protagonist, Okawa Shinjiro, the mental bonding between his squad members, the outcome of the Cleopatra play, and the battle against the new enemy.

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