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Anime : Crystal Blaze

Crystal Blaze Title Crystal Blaze
Japanese Title クリスタルブレイズ
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 12
Genres Action, Drama
Year Published 2008
Release Date 2008-04-08 ∼ 2008-06-24
Broadcaster CTC (Tue 25:15)
Studio Studio Fantasia
US Distribution
User Rating 7.8/10.0 (1 review)  (Statistic)
Updated Fri, 04 Jul 2008 03:14:42 +0000

Alternative titles
Glass Maiden

In the near future, while most people enjoy a false sense of peace and equality controlled by the government, there is a town in a corner of Asia where people of different races who are disappointed with life gather. This is Rags Town, a town of garbage.

The story takes place around the S&A Detective Office in Rags Town. The head of the office is Shu. He used to be a hot-shot police officer who had faced off against evil powers, but he was socially disgraced and lost everything. The other members are the handsome Akira and Shu's two apprentices: the high school girls Manami and Ayaka.

Shu lives a colorless life as a detective, unable to find anything to which to devote his life. However, when he encounters a girl who has lost her memory, he is involved in an event that will rock Rags Town.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
ADR Director Kameyama Toshiki (亀山俊樹)
Director Kase Mitsuko (加瀬充子)
Series Composition Tomioka Atsuhiro (富岡淳広)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Akira (アキラ)nodescription  image
Ueda Yuji (上田祐司)description  image
Ayaka (アヤカ)nodescription  image
Takahashi Mikako (高橋 美佳子)nodescription  image
JJ (JJ)nodescription  image
Takahashi Hiroki (高橋 広樹)nodescription  image
Kirie (キリエ)nodescription  image
Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)nodescription  image
Kito (キトー)nodescription  image
Inoue Norihiro (井上倫宏)nodescription  image
Laurence (ローレンス)nodescription  image
Kusumi Naomi (楠見尚己)nodescription  noimage
Manami (マナミ)nodescription  image
Arai Satomi (新井里美)nodescription  noimage
Minica (モニカ)nodescription  image
Ito Miki (伊藤美紀)description  image
Poririn (ポリリン)nodescription  image
Rokkaku Seiji (六角 精児)nodescription  noimage
Sara (サラ)nodescription  image
Kobayashi Yu (小林ゆう)nodescription  noimage
Shu (シュウ)nodescription  image
Miki Shinichiro (三木眞一郎)description  image
Sophia (ソフィア)nodescription  image
Chiba Saeko (千葉 紗子)description  image
Teacher (先生)nodescription  image
Maruyama Eiji (丸山 詠二)nodescription  noimage
Yob (ヨブ)nodescription  image
Matsuyama Takashi (松山 鷹志)nodescription  noimage

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