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Manga : Silent Mobius

Silent Mobius Title Silent Mobius
Japanese Title サイレントメビウス
Total 12
Genre Love-Romance, Magic, Mystery, Science-Fiction
Year Published 1994
Author Asamiya Kia (麻宮 騎亜)
Publisher -
US Distribution Viz Communications, Inc.
User Rating 9.2/10.0 (2 reviews)
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In an ill-conceived attempt to solve Earth's energy crisis by harnessing another planet's power, a horrible accident plunged the Earth into an eternal night populated by devilishly intelligent aliens. To neutralize the constant threat posed by these beings, known as Lucifer Hawks, the all-female mystic police squad, AMPD, was formed. Each member of the Attacked Mystification Police Department must face the personal demons of her past in addition to the vengeful exiles of the exploited planet Nemesis.

Masters of both supernatural and physical abilities, the multi-talented women of AMP protect the people of Neo-Tokyo and occasionally find time for fun, love, and contentment. Shattering the peace at every opportunity are the generals of the Lucifer Hawk army, Ganossa and Rosa, two treacherous semi-human sorcerors. Both groups seek the heart and soul of Katsumi Liqueur, daughter of Earth's pre-eminent sorceror, and the only key to opening or sealing the dimensional gateway to Nemesis. Wielding the power to decide the fate of both worlds, she has the potential to be AMP's greatest champion or its worst enemy.

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