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Anime : Chikyu Shojo Arjuna

Chikyu Shojo Arjuna Title Chikyu Shojo Arjuna
Japanese Title 地球少女アルジュナ
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 12
Genres Action, Fantasy, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2001
Release Date 2001-01-09 ∼ 2001-03-27
Broadcaster -
Studio Satelight
US Distribution Bandai Entertainment
User Rating 7.8/10.0 (40 reviews)  (top 200: # 184)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Earth Girl Arjuna

When a girl named Juna Ariyoshi has a severe accident, her spirit turns to light and rises up out of her body into the night sky where she gets a glimpse of Earth a few months into the future. What she sees is the Earth on the brink of total destruction by the forces of a cruel world ruled by demons called Rajas. Then, a person named Chris gives Juna a "power stone" and tells her to use it to save the Earth. The power stone gives her the ability to call up an "aura suit," which enhances a person's own special powers that would otherwise remain dormant.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Animation Fukusawa Manabu, Sotozaki Haruo (外崎 春雄)
Design Kishida Takahiro (岸田 隆宏)
Director Fujimoto Yoshitaka (ふじもと よしたか), Kawamori Shoji (河森正治), Sato Eiichi (佐藤 英一), Tokoro Tomokazu (ところともかず)
Music Kamno Yoko (菅野よう子)
Script Kawamori Shoji (河森正治), Onogi Hiroshi (大野木 寛)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Ariyoshi Junadescription  image
Higashiyama Mami (東山 麻美)description  image
Bobnodescription  noimage
Otsuka Hochu (大塚 芳忠)description  noimage
Chris Hawkennodescription  image
Ueda Yuji (上田祐司)description  image
Cindy Kleinnodescription  image
Shintani Mayumi (新谷真弓)description  image
Onizukanodescription  noimage
Genda Tessho (玄田哲章)description  image
Ooshima Tokiodescription  noimage
Seki Tomokazu (関 智一)description  image
Shirakawa Sayurinodescription  image
Hisakawa Aya (久川 綾)description  image
Teresa Wongnodescription  noimage
Somi Yoko (沢海 陽子)nodescription  noimage

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