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Anime : Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl Title Gunslinger Girl
Japanese Title ガンスリンガー・ガール
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 13
Genres Action, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2003
Release Date 2003-10-08 ∼ 2004-02-18
Broadcaster -
Studio Madhouse Production
US Distribution FUNimation
User Rating 8.4/10.0 (134 reviews)  (top 200: # 48)  (Statistic)
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Brainwashed girls who do not have any relatives or any place to go are being trained as professional assassins and given mechanical bodies by a so called non-profit welfare organization. They have lost their consciences and do not hesitate to kill at all. They spend their lives smoke stained, covered in gunpowder and blood.

It's a sad story about suffering girls who have lost their past but who still cling to life. After they are brainwashed, they can kill with an innocent face and without any hesitation. They don't think about their deeds nor feel any pity. However, behind their cute disguises, they are destroying themselves and refusing to grow up.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Author Aida Yu (相田裕)
Design Abe Hisashi (阿部恒)
Director Asaka Morio (浅香守生)
Script Takegami Junki (武上純希)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Angelicadescription  image
Terakado Hitomi (寺門 仁美)description  image
Claesdescription  image
Koshimizu Ami (小清水 亜美)description  image
Henriettadescription  image
Nanri Yuka (南里 侑香)nodescription  image
Ricodescription  image
Mitsuhashi Kanako (三橋加奈子)description  image
Trieladescription  image
Sendai Eri (仙台 エリ)description  image

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