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Anime : Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss Title Paradise Kiss
Japanese Title パラダイスキス
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 12
Genres Drama
Year Published 2005
Release Date 2005-10-13 ∼ 2005-12-29
Broadcaster -
Studio Madhouse Production
US Distribution Geneon Entertainment
User Rating 8.5/10.0 (42 reviews)  (top 200: # 134)  (Statistic)
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Attending prepatory school has been a normal setting for Yukari for most of her life, respecting the wishes of her parents for a quality education. Now, as an elite high school student, she begins to doubt her route in life until she meets the members of "Parakiss", a lively group of fashion designers.

Yukari's asked by the members of Parakiss to model at the fashion show held at the festival of Yazawa Art School. She hesitates at the thought of becoming a model, but with her encounters with Joji, a designer who adamantly pursues his dream, she's inspired to pursue her own route in life. Yet, as Yukari comes to know Joji through his odd lifestyle and behaviors, she finds herself strangely attached to him....

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Character Designer Yuki Nobuteru (結城 信輝)
Director Kobayashi Osamu (小林 治)
General Art Director Yuki Nobuteru (結城 信輝)
Original Creator Yazawa Ai (矢沢 あい)
Screenplay Kobayashi Osamu (小林 治)
Series Composition Kobayashi Osamu (小林 治)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Hayasaka Yukaridescription  image
Yamada Yu (山田 優)nodescription  noimage
Isabellanodescription  image
Suzuka Chiharu (鈴鹿千春)nodescription  noimage
Koizumi Jojidescription  image
Hamada Kenji (浜田 賢二)nodescription  noimage
Nagase Arashidescription  noimage
Mizutani Shunsuke (水谷 俊介)nodescription  noimage
Sakurada Miwakodescription  image
Matsumoto Marika (松本まりか)nodescription  noimage

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