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Anime : Fate/stay night

Fate/stay night Title Fate/stay night
Japanese Title フェイト/ステイナイト
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Category TV
Total Episodes 24   (24 x 25 min)
Genres Action, Drama, Game, Magic
Year Published 2006
Release Date 2006-01-06 ∼ 2006-06-16
Broadcaster TVK ()
Studio Studio Deen
US Distribution Geneon Entertainment
User Rating 7.5/10.0 (46 reviews)  (top 200: # 181)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Fate Stay Night
Feito/sutei naito

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* Based on a game by TYPE-MOON.

It is said that the Holy Grail grants wishes to he who wields it. To materialise the Holy Grail, a ritual is about to be held. The Holy Grail will choose seven wizards (masters) and give them seven familiar spirits (servants).

Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker.

The master contracts with one of seven familiar spirits that plays one of the above roles (classes). The master must prove that he is qualified to have the Holy Grail, meaning that he must eliminate other masters to show he is the strongest. This ritual is called "The Holy Grail War".

The story takes place in Fuyuki City. It is a city surrounded by the sea and mountains. In this common city, a shadow encroaches.

The main character had lost his parents in a fire when he was a child. He was adopted by a person who called himself a wizard. Disobeying his father-in-law, the main character has studied magic. However, because he lacked talent, he could obtain only one magic spell despite several years' training.

One day, the main character is accidently involved in a fight between two opposing masters. As he is dying, a girl suddenly appears and saves him.

"...Now, I ask you. Are you my master?"

He contracts with one of the seven servants, Saber. Willingly or not, he becomes a master, and plunges into a war over the Holy Grail...

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Director Yamaguchi Yuji (山口祐司)
Original Character Designer Takeuchi Takashi (武内 崇)
Original Creator Nasu Kinoko (奈須 きのこ)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Archernodescription  image
Suwabe Junichi (諏訪部 順一)description  noimage
Assassinnodescription  image
Miki Shinichiro (三木眞一郎)description  image
Berserkernodescription  image
Saizen Tadahisa (西前 忠久)nodescription  noimage
blonde boynodescription  image
Seki Tomokazu (関 智一)description  image
Casternodescription  image
Tanaka Atsuko (田中敦子)description  image
Emiya Kiritsugudescription  noimage
Koyama Rikiya (小山 力也)description  image
Emiya Shironodescription  image
Sugiyama Noriaki (杉山 紀彰)description  noimage
Fujimura Taiganodescription  image
Ito Miki (伊藤美紀)description  image
Illyasviel von Einzbernnodescription  image
Kadowaki Mai (門脇舞)description  image
Kotomine Kireinodescription  image
Nakata Joji (中田 譲治)description  noimage
Kuzuki Soichirodescription  noimage
Nakata Kazuhiro (中多和宏)description  noimage
Lancernodescription  image
Kanna Nobutoshi (神奈 延年)description  image
Mato Sakuranodescription  image
Shitaya Noriko (下屋 則子)description  image
Mato Shinjinodescription  image
Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷 浩史)description  image
Mitsuzuri Ayakodescription  noimage
Mizusawa Fumie (水沢史絵)description  image
Ridernodescription  image
Asakawa Yu (浅川悠)description  image
Ryudo Isseidescription  noimage
Madono Mitsuaki (真殿 光昭)description  image
Sabernodescription  image
Kawasumi Ayako (川澄 綾子)description  image
Tohsaka Rinnodescription  image
Ueda Kana (植田 佳奈)nodescription  image

description Info/Description is available
nodescription Info/Description is not available
image Picture is available
noimage Picture is not available

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