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Anime : Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena Title Revolutionary Girl Utena
Japanese Title 少女革命ウテナ
Official Site -
Category TV
Total Episodes 39   (39 x 25 mins)
Genres Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Yuri
Year Published 1997
Release Date 1997-04-02 ∼ 1997-12-24
Broadcaster -
Studio J.C.STAFF
US Distribution Central Park Media
Software Sculptors
User Rating 8.2/10.0 (49 reviews)  (top 200: # 139)  (Statistic)
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Alternative titles
Girlish Revolution Utena
Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Young Girl's Revolution Utena

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Utena Tenjou's parents died when she was a little girl. At that time, a prince appeared to her and gave her a signet ring with a rose crest. He told Utena to keep the ring and promised that they would meet again someday. Utena was so impressed by him that she decided to become a prince herself! Utena is all grown up now. She studies at the Ohtori Academy and wears her own version of the boys' uniform. She still looks forward to finding her prince, but in the meantime, it's up to Utena to save damsels in distress and cross swords with Ohtori Academy's top duelists. When Utena unwittingly wins the "Rose Bride" in one such duel, she finds herself in the middle of something else... something that just may lead her to her prince.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Director Ikuhara Kunihiko (幾原 邦彦)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Arisugawa Juridescription  image
Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃)description  image
Chida Mamiyadescription  image
Kawamura Maria (川村万梨阿)description  image
Chuchudescription  image
Korogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ)description  image
Diosdescription  noimage
Yuki Hiro (結城比呂)description  image
Himemiya Anthydescription  image
Fuchizaki Yuriko (渕崎ゆり子)description  image
Kaoru Kozuedescription  noimage
Honda Chieko (本多知恵子)description  image
Kaoru Mikidescription  image
Hisakawa Aya (久川 綾)description  image
Kiryuu Nanamidescription  image
Shiratori Yuri (白鳥 由里)description  image
Kiryuu Tougadescription  image
Koyasu Takehito (子安武人)description  image
Mikage Soujidescription  image
Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川光)description  image
Ohtori Akiodescription  noimage
Kosugi Jurota (小杉十郎太)description  image
Ohtori Kanaedescription  noimage
Orikasa Ai (折笠 愛)description  image
Saionji Kyouichidescription  noimage
Kusao Takeshi (草尾毅)description  image
Shadow Girl 1nodescription  noimage
Kawamura Maria (川村万梨阿)description  image
Shadow Girl 2nodescription  noimage
Korogi Satomi (こおろぎさとみ)description  image
Shinohara Wakabadescription  image
Imai Yuka (今井由香)description  image
Sonoda Keikodescription  noimage
Nakagawa Akira (中川玲)description  image
Takatsuki Shioridescription  image
Nishihara Kumiko (西原久美子)description  image
Tenjou Utenadescription  image
Kawakami Tomoko (川上とも子)description  image
Tsuwabuki Mitsurudescription  image
Yajima Akiko (矢島晶子)description  image

description Info/Description is available
nodescription Info/Description is not available
image Picture is available
noimage Picture is not available

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