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Anime : Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star Title Outlaw Star
Japanese Title 星方武侠アウトロースター
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 26
Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science-Fiction
Year Published 1998
Release Date 1998-01-08 ∼ 1998-06-25
Broadcaster -
Studio Sunrise
US Distribution Bandai Entertainment
User Rating 8.2/10.0 (69 reviews)  (top 200: # 107)  (Statistic)
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Space is mainly inhabited by three different groups: the Federation, which is the real government; various pirate clans, which use special techniques and magic to dominate the frontier; and the outlaws, who fall just about everywhere in between. There are also various alien races and empires, which fall more-or-less within the lattermost category.

It is on this frontier where Gene Starwind and his 11-year-old partner Jim Hawking - freelance bounty hunters and odd-job takers extraordinaire - live and work, until they happen to take a job from a mysterious woman named Hilda. In no time flat they're up to their ears in pirates desperate to get their hands on Hilda and her secrets: an experimental spacecraft built using the pirates’ knowledge and the Federation's technology, and information on the location of the Galactic Leyline. The ship is Gene's ticket to freedom in space, but it’s also a big red flag for trouble, and every pirate and outlaw in the galaxy starts gunning for him.

Together with Jim; Melfina, a bio-android and the ship’s computer; the ass-whooping catgirl metamorph Aisha Clanclan; and the assassin Suzuka, Gene boldly steps forth to face the future and discover the secrets behind the Galactic Leyline and his ship - the Outlaw Star.

Crew, Cast, and Characters
Director Hongo Mitsuru (本郷みつる)
Original Creator Ito Takehiko (伊東 岳彦)

CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Aisha Clanclandescription  noimage
Miyamura Yuko (宮村優子)description  image
Gene Starwinddescription  noimage
Shibuya Shigeru (渋谷 茂)nodescription  image
Jim Hawkingdescription  noimage
Matsumoto Rika (松本梨香)description  image
Melfinadescription  noimage
Kawasumi Ayako (川澄 綾子)description  image
Suzukadescription  noimage
Sayuri (紗ゆり)description  noimage

description Info/Description is available
nodescription Info/Description is not available
image Picture is available
noimage Picture is not available

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