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Anime : Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin Title Witch Hunter Robin
Japanese Title ウィッチハンターロビン
Official Site
Category TV
Total Episodes 26   (26 x 25 mins)
Genres Action, Science-Fiction
Year Published 2002
Release Date 2002-07-02 ∼ 2002-12-24
Broadcaster -
Studio Bandai Visual
US Distribution Bandai Entertainment
User Rating 7.9/10.0 (146 reviews)  (top 200: # 78)  (Statistic)
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Couple hundred years have passed, and people are hardly heard about witches nowadays. However, a leading secret organization in witch management is still exists. This Salomon's witch management organization, STN (not sure what STN stands for), has a task to capture the remaining witches. As a leading secret organization in witch management, STN's influence has reached the government and police organizations across the world.

As the recent change in Japanese society has led into increasing of witch activities, STNJ (STN Japan branch) assembled a group of hunters to draw a desperate last-minute fight against witches. However, the mysterious death of one member from the group has led to morale decrease into STNJ.

In order to help STNJ, a lone 15 years old replacement girl is sent by Salomon directly to Tokyo. Sena Robin, a craft user, can she be really the key to win this fight?

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Crew, Cast, and Characters
CharacterSeiyuu (Voice Talent)
Amondescription  image
Takewaka Takuma (竹若 拓磨)description  noimage
Dojimadescription  noimage
Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子)description  image
Haruhitodescription  noimage
Fukuyama Jun (福山 潤)nodescription  image
Hattoridescription  noimage
Okura Masaaki (大倉 正章)description  noimage
Karasumadescription  image
Koda Kaho (幸田 夏穂)description  noimage
Kosakadescription  image
Tsuji Shimpachi (辻 親八)description  noimage
Masterdescription  noimage
Hirotaka Nagai (永井 寛孝)nodescription  noimage
Michaeldescription  image
Yuki Hiro (結城比呂)description  image
Morienodescription  noimage
Kawazu Yasuhiko (川津 泰彦)description  noimage
Sena Robindescription  image
Watanabe Akeno (渡辺明乃)description  image
Toukodescription  image
Nakajima Mami (中島 麻実)description  noimage
Zaizendescription  noimage
Ikemizu Michihiro (池水 通洋)description  noimage

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